Internet Marketing – The Right Mindset

Dear Entrepreneur – This article is about having the Right Mindset, when starting out in Internet Marketing.

I feel that it’s really important to focus on the “mindset” before you start with procedure or techniques. A Mindset is a way of looking at the world – that is the key to understand using what you learn. It can clarify decision making and help you understand others.

When you have the right mindset, you can apply what you HAVE – to the world – in order to get what you WANT. The right mindset can help you get WAY ahead of the curve, in any area of life.

So what mindset are you starting out with, in online marketing?


Let’s just recap a bit – I love the Marketing Industry because it captures the maximum profits across the whole value chain.

i.e. Marketers stand to make the most money from what the customer spends on a product – not the product maker, and not the supply chain. (Also read: The 4 Brutal Truths About Marketing)


Furthermore, I love the Online or Internet Marketing space because it cuts out all the needless logistics involved in prospecting, or customer outreach – and uses the internet to automate all of that.

Briefly put – Internet Marketing is the Shortest Route to the Big money.

But it’s easy to get distracted in the Online world – there are so many options, so many great ideas – and people using multiple methods and channels to make their profits…it’s easy to get lost.

So the key Secret Mindset I like to keep my focus on at all times is this –


Sounds simple enough?

Yes, but let me peel the layers of the onion for you.

As a marketer it’s easy to get lost in the various nuts & bolts of the process, as well as in the product itself. If you’re not careful, you’d find yourself getting over-excited about this product or that, and basing your entire efforts on the product.

Well, Marketing isn’t about your product – it’s about your customer!

And the biggest Marketing profits come from long term relationships with your customers.

As a Marketer – the only items that should consume all your attention are –

WHO is likely to be my ideal customer?

WHERE do I find my (ideal) customer?

WHAT does my customer want?

HOW do I get the attention of my customer?

WHEN do I pitch for the sale?

And most importantly,

WHY should my customer (or anyone) buy from me?

My personal short-cut strategy that has worked well for me features 2 steps

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