Grenade Method

1.Use My Share Funnel on PLS (Using my sales funnel is the secret weapon!)

2.Post on your facebook wall 3x per day

(text ad 3-5 lines max, always add an image, proof screen shot is best!)

3.Post to 50 facebook groups per day (This is for branding, you want people to see your name. Become the offer that you are promoting.)

4.Post to Google+ once per day

5.BUILD your facebook friends to 5,000. Add ONLY business minded entrepreneurs. Go to network marketing groups and pages to find friends. Be selective!

6.Add every single person who emails you to your Google+ friends list!

7.Email your list – every Tues, Wed, Thurs at 9am. Sat & Sunday at 6am. Share your progress, excitement and show a proof image!

8.Run a solo ad EVERY WEEK! Schedule your ad to run on Tues, Wed & Thursday. Sunday can also be an excellent day to advertise.

9.Pass out 100+ business cards per day in your local community.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!!! – (Last Step) do this for 12 straight weeks and don’t miss a day. After 12 weeks if you do not have any signups … delete all social profiles, take sledge hammer to pc, use dust pan and broom to sweep up pc … throw pc in Garbage can! And then – Go get a second job!!!