3 Big Reasons You Don’t Own Your Own Business

3 Big Reasons You Don’t Own Your Own Business

If you’re like me, you probably already know that Financial Freedom should top the list of desires that you want to achieve, with your time on the planet. Owning your own business is the No.1 route to Financial freedom.

Financial freedom makes everything else Possible – or in the case of the working middle-class – REACHABLE.

The reason traditional parents encourage their children to go to school and study Medicine, Engineering, or Law is to be able to land a good job or build a good career and aim for Financial security. Read More

Network Marketing (Multi Level Marketing)

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.

The Elephant in the room.

Yes. Finally, we are going to discuss the tricky topic that most marketers, including your Affiliate Marketing Guru, will steer clear of.

So let’s get started… First things first. Read More

Active vs Passive Income

The Difference Between Active And Passive Income

I did a video on this topic a while back, and I still feel the need to keep hitting this nail again a few times every year, because I truly feel that the whole point of working in the Online Affiliate Marketing area is gradually lost in the haze if you don’t focus on the main point. Read More

Internet Marketing – The Right Mindset

Dear Entrepreneur – This article is about having the Right Mindset, when starting out in Internet Marketing.

I feel that it’s really important to focus on the “mindset” before you start with procedure or techniques. A Mindset is a way of looking at the world – that is the key to understand using what you learn. It can clarify decision making and help you understand others. Read More

The First Step to Online Marketing – Niche Selection

Would you like to know the biggest secret to making it in Online Marketing?

It is to select an area, or topic, or body of knowledge that you are passionate about…that drives you.., and also happens to be an area where a lot of people are exchanging information, products – and money is changing hands. Read More

What Should I Sell?

If you’re like me, you’re probably daunted by the whole prospect of figuring out how to learn to sell, and more importantly – WHAT to sell.

Far too often, as an eager marketer, you get excited about a particular product, or product line, that you see going viral – and assume that that would be a great business to be in…some have even spent time and money getting into a particular product line or niche – only to lose it, through failed traction. Read More