6 Steps to Follow Up With Prospects

Follow Up

6 Steps to Follow Up With Prospects

Have you ever completed a Sales presentation and then later during the Follow Up, found it uncomfortable to ask your prospect to become a customer OR join your business ? Read More

How to Invite Prospects to Your Meeting

How to Invite Prospects

How to Invite Prospects

Hi This is Rajat here, from Modern Day Affiliate.

Expanding your small Home-Based business is more a game of scale than a game of skill. Which means that hard-work and churning the numbers play a more important role than any one skill. Read More

2 Secrets for Success in Sales & Sponsoring

2 Business Secrets


Hi – This is Rajat here, and today we’re going to be talking about the 2 Secrets of Success when you go out to promote your business – whether it’s to go and get customers for your product (which you will NEED to do as a new Business owner), or forge alliances and partnerships that expand your reach (like Ray Kroc of McDonalds and Col Sanders of KFC once did). Read More

The #1 Secret to MLM Success

The #1 Secret to MLM Success

I bet you would like to know the secrets to MLM success, don’t you?

In today’s time, there is absolutely nobody who has not been exposed to a Network Marketing Opportunity – either as a potential customer or as a potential partner. Read More

Network Marketing (Multi Level Marketing)

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.

The Elephant in the room.

Yes. Finally, we are going to discuss the tricky topic that most marketers, including your Affiliate Marketing Guru, will steer clear of.

So let’s get started… First things first. Read More

Active vs Passive Income

The Difference Between Active And Passive Income

I did a video on this topic a while back, and I still feel the need to keep hitting this nail again a few times every year, because I truly feel that the whole point of working in the Online Affiliate Marketing area is gradually lost in the haze if you don’t focus on the main point. Read More