7 Hottest Internet Business Ideas for 2018

An Internet-based business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world right now. It gives you the opportunity to earn sweet, passive income without having to stress yourself so hard.

These days, I can’t help but feel sorry for people I see slugging it out in their 9-5 jobs. Maybe, because I’ve seen first-hand, the kind of potential online businesses have, that 9-5 jobs may never be able to offer. Online businesses provide an opportunity to all categories of people, regardless of educational qualification or pedigree, to get rich without trying too hard or investing too much.

I have personally seen school drop-outs making six figures from their internet business.

However, there are secrets to making money off the internet which only a few people have been able to master. This is why you would find a lot of people who are not making a dime online, label internet businesses as a scam.

To be a successful online business person, you need two basic things;

  • A smart idea
  • The right information

Armed with these two major tools, there’s no limit to how much you can make from your internet business.

In this article, I would love to address the ‘ideas’ aspect because a lot of people fail as ‘netrepreneurs’ because they would rather join the bandwagon than take time to fish out cool online business ideas.

There are tons of ways to make money from the internet but I would only address some of the hottest internet business ideas you can explore in 2015.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s goods and services on the internet and getting paid commissions as soon as sales are made.

There are several companies on the internet offering products and services which they would like to drive more customers too. So, instead of spending thousands or millions of dollars on adverts, they simply employ affiliates to help them promote their products/services through blogs, e-mail marketing and paid adverts.

Companies you can sign up with for affiliate programs include web hosting companies, software developers, product developers and several others.

2. Sports Betting

I can almost hear you saying “Sports betting is a business; are you crazy?” Hell yeah, sports betting has grown from just a hobby to a big business or what else do you call something that is generating income in thousands or even millions of dollars for participants?

Sports’ betting is a really huge internet business right now and you don’t need much to start; you just need to sign up with one of the sports betting providers and master some sports prediction skills in order to increase your winning chances.

3. Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs are taking over from regular jobs gradually. Sellers on Micro-job websites like Fiverr and Seoclerks make thousands daily from offering some of their skills and services for sale for prices as low as $1-$5.

The cool thing is that you can sell just about any services; yes, including filming yourself having breakfast- it’s really that easy.

4. YouTube Channels

If you love the cameras and enjoy the spotlight; now is the time to show off your skills while you earn some money for yourself in the process. All you need to do is, create a YouTube account, put up some cool videos that people would love to watch and then monetize your videos through AdSense adverts and Pay-per-click campaigns.

5. Information Marketing

Another really cool business that could earn you thousands of dollars in 2015 is information marketing. It involves packaging some of your knowledge into eBooks or videos and selling them to people on the internet.

6. Website Flipping

Website flipping involves growing a website, optimizing it, and then selling it for a profit. You could make more than $200,000 through this business alone if you do it the right way.

7. Blogging

Some would say blogging is dead but I wouldn’t go along with that school of thought. Yes, dead blogging is dead (pun intended) but if you take out time to search for a very great niche to blog about, you wouldn’t have problems making a lot of money from blogging.

The bottom line is that you should always keep your ears to the ground for new online business opportunities because there are great opportunities being churned out regularly.